About Miriam

Hi! My name is Miriam and I am the person behind Happy Little Gems.

I discovered my gift of creating jewelry and working with crystals while I was going through very deep traumatic events in my life. I was experiencing deep emotional pain. There was no-one around me that could help me because I didn't even understand it myself and when I did feel like talking about it, I was told I was crazy. It felt like I was in survival mode. My thoughts were taking over me to the point where I no longer wanted to be here.

One morning I woke up with an inner knowing that guided me to purchase a few tools and glass beads. I had no idea what I was doing but I know a higher power was guiding me. I was led to you tube videos and that is where my journey begun. I was glued to the computer and my work desk practicing how to make my first pair of earrings. I started off with simple wire wrapping, then I went to seed beads (learned bead weaving), epoxy and crushed crystals and finally prongs and bezel setting.

It's been a very long journey of healing deep traumas along with creating jewelry from my heart.

Allowing myself to feel every emotion without judgement has been a mayor key. It's allowed me to transmute it into something beautiful.

I have always said that I don't choose crystals, they choose me.

Please know that each stone has been ethically sourced.

I hope you feel and connect with all the love and beautiful energy that goes into each piece I create.

With love,